About Us

About White Coat Clipboard

White Coat Clipboard was started by a frustrated medicine intern after searching in vain for any kind of clipboard that wouldn't get lost every few days. The first patent-pending folding design was created and manufactured in a little over a year. White Coat Clipboard 2.0 was developed after further design work and customer feedback.

Now that frustrated intern is happily using the clipboard in medical practice.

You can reach us at the following:
Email: Info@whitecoatclipboard.com
Phone: (888) 701-3874
Fax: 866-779-5922

IN THE NEWS: The White Coat Clipboard was recently featured in a cover story in the Willamette Week! (We're about half-way down this page).


If you are not satisfied with your White Coat Clipboard for any reason within 30 days of purchase, we will gladly refund the full purchase amount (less shipping and handling).

We warranty the White Coat Clipboard 2.0 from defect in manufacting for 90 days from purchase. Should you experience a malfunction not due to normal use during the first 90 days, please contact us.

To facilitate a return or exchange, please email us at Info@whitecoatclipboard.com.